A year ago we all began on this journey of uncertainty. The world was in no time full of fear for the unknown and uncertain what was going to happen in the future.

We are now a year further on in our journey and for some it has been a time to take a step to the side and look at their life’s to get creative to have time with their family and to finally make lifetime changes that they didn’t dare think about let alone do last year.

It may have bought with it a lot of uncertainty but it is a period and this period that we are now in will eventually finish.

It is easy to go with the fear that hangs in the atmosphere, to read the papers and watch all the news to be absorbed into the negativity of what is happening around us.

What would happen if you didn’t watch the news, read the newspaper or listen to all the people in the supermarket talking about the world around us.

What would happen if we started to listen to ourselves, to ask ourselves what we need at the moment.

Take a step to the side and give yourself a bit of attention that it may have been asking for for a long time.

Is it asking for more healthy food, water and less refined food.

Is it asking for more sleep instead of sitting up half the night watching unimportant news on social media.

Is it asking for a bit of attention. Maybe it’s asking for meditation to let your body mind and soul find each other and make contact again.

Maybe it’s asking for fresh air and exercise.  Exercise doesn’t have to be running a marathon it can also be a 10 min walk every day.

Maybe its just asking for peace and quiet.

Whatever it is asking for take the time to listen to your body, you may be amazed at what you learn about yourself.

This period that we are now experiencing is going to end, when …..we don’t know but what I do know is if we live with a positive outlook at life it makes every day that bit easier!

Take abit of time for yourself!