Meet Jo Black....

My story

Hi there my name is Jo Black, I am the business owner and therapist of All Round Balance. I was born and raised in Hamilton,

New Zealand and at the age of 21 I flew the nest and headed off into the big wide world in search of an adventure.

After spending 12 years in England I landed in The Nederland’s in 2002, I currently live in Vianen with my teenage son.

My story began with my own health problems back when I was 18, I got incredibly sick to the point that I couldn’t work, play sport or lead a normal life and decided to go in search of an alternative therapist who could help me get back on track. I ended up coming in contact with a naturopath in Hamilton, New Zealand and after months of holistic therapy I slowly got back to my old self. My story however didn’t stop there. For 33 years after that initial sickness I kept suffering regularly from recurring symptoms never as severe as the first time but always with the same symptoms. I have only recently found out, with the help of holistic therapy/testing (confirmed with a blood test) that the symptoms I had been suffering from for so long were the residue of EBV (more commonly known as Glandular fever). It had stayed dormant in my body for so long and every time my immune system got weak it jumped right in and took over. I have now been treating, using homeopathic remedies and am completely rid of the virus.

The alternative road

About 8 years ago I decided to go to my local doctor and see if I could get an answer to my health problems. After blood tests and several other tests I got told “it was all in my head”! You can imagine that that wasn’t an answer I was happy with, so I decided to head back down the alternative road again. In 2016 I decided to go back to studying and after working in the sport and health industry for the last 17 years and seeing people training hard to get fit but not realizing that if you don’t look at the body as a whole then you will only come so far in your quest to optimal health.

I have completed an MBK in 2016 followed by Orthomolecular therapy in 2017 and Holistic therapy 2019, two totally different studies’ that complement each other perfectly. By combining the knowledge of all three studies I am able to not only understand and treat symptoms and sicknesses but am also able to find the source of the disbalance and treat it.
I started my own small business at the beginning of 2019 with the intention to help people get back in balance not by making radical changes but by adding small daily routines.

My passion

As an holistic orthomolecular therapist I am able to share my passion and help people in achieving a

balance within their body, mind and soul.


Don’t let a sickness change your life…..stay one step ahead.
Learn to listen to your body, it’s shouting for a reason!

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