Tips and Trick Corona Virus

Is it just me or is everyone going crazy from watching the news the whole day, following every story about the progression of the coronavirus?

Are you worried and scared about your health or the health of your family?

Our lives are changing, doesn't matter what side of the world you live on it is affecting us all.

To make sure that your immune system is working its best to be able to fight off this virus I'd like to share some information on how to use natural products and what to use.


What can you do for your immunesystem?

Your immune system works at its finest if you get enough sleep, try to stay away from stressfull situations, and eat a healthy and balanced and varied diet including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Try to stay away from high sugar products, coffee and alcohol and ready-made meals.  Eat as much fresh fruit and vegetables and prepare your meals with love.


There are also natural product for your immune system that can help slow down the multiplication of the virus:


Astragalus: Is used alot in chinese medicine, helps fight stress and stimulates the function of your immune system.

Allium Sativum: (garlic) is loaded with anti-oxidants, help with high blood pressure, high colesterol and helps the function of the immune system.

Sambucus: (elderflower) anticeptic and helps the immune system.  Contains lots of essential vitamins and minerals for example, zinc, vit c, iron all important to fight a cold, flu or virus.

Cordyceps: (fungus) grown in the Himalaya and works by keeping the body mind and soul strong.  It also helps the bloodflow in the body and helps the neuro-endocriene systeem and immune system.  Other types of fungus have the same effects such as, chaga, maitake, reishi and shitake.


There are also natural products that can help keep your immune system strong:


Echinacea: This plant encourages the immune system and helps combat flu and common colds. Echinacea can be use to prevent getting sick or against any infections of the respiratory system, yeast infections, healing wounds, helps infections, antibacterial and is a great antioxidant.

Oscillococcinum: This  is a homeopathic product from the company Boiron.  It help against common colds, flu, can be used as a prevention again the virus.

Thymus concentrate:  The thymus is one of the most important organs of the lymph system and immune system. This concetrate can give your immune system a boost.  Is not for vegetarians or vegens.

Quertine:  Is a plant flavonol and is found in many fruits and vegetables, leaves, seed and grains. Helps lower the level of histamine by infections so that the body is  able to eliminate unwanted visitors in the body.  Helps the respiratory system.

Beta- glucaan:  Activates the white bloed cells which in turn helps your immune system.


Vitamines, minerals and fatty acids:

To help your immune system it is important to take vitamin C.  As a guideline 2000mg per day can be taken to maintain a good health.  If your get a sore throat or cold then increase the dosage to as much as 6000mg.  The combination of  vitamine  C with zink and vit D3 works fantastically against anything that comes in contact with your immune system.  Not forgetting a  good EPA or DHA, also important for your immune system.

Cortisol:  Plays an important part in fighting infections.  It is made in the adrenal glands and works together with D3, EPA, DHA to help stop infections on time.  Its incredibly important that all stressful situations be avoided so that the adrenal glands effectivally work to fight all infections and is not busy fighting stress.

If your are scared and worried about the presant situation then your could always try:

Arsenicum D30 (homeopathic)

White Chestnut (bachbloesem)

Ruvel extra forte ( van bloem)

Relaxol ( van Energetica Natura)

Ashwaganda (van Vitals of AOV)



Lifestyle can certainly have a big effect on our immune system.

Essential is a good nights sleep, try to avoid stress and do things that make you happy.  Breathing techniques, meditation or yoga can also help stay health and help you to relax. 

As far as eating goes make sure that you eat a mixure of fresh and healthy fruit vegetables to make sure that the bacteria in your digestive system stay strong.  Eat enough green vegetables and try to eat fruit and vegetables that are red or orange.  Stay away from food that are high in sugar, coffee and alcohol should be avoided and make sure you drink enough water everyday.  Try also to include a bit of exercise, if you are able to go outside do so.


What can you do within your energy field?

Everything exists from energy. Around the physical part of our body we have an energy field, along with the food we eat, the things we say, our thoughts and also our emotions.

All energy has a frequency, you could compare this with music.  Music has a high tone and a low tone, loud music and soft music.  Everything  in us and around us is energy and has a frequency.  The highest of all frequencies is LOVE.  The higher your frequency the beter your immune system  works.  So if you drown in fear then your immune system will crack and let those dreaded viruses in.  By staying positive, sharing love with other people and loving yourself goes along way to a healthy body.

What pratical things can you do to raise your frequency?

Stay positive: think good thoughts, don't listen to negative people.  Surround yourself with positive people. Stay on your toes and communicate in a postive way.

Help:  In these situation we need eachother.  Look after yourself and everyone close to you.  Sharing is caring and creates a higher frequency.  Look around  you and help those that need help, it doesnt matter what you do every little thing makes a difference.  

Hoarding:  When people begin to panic the can do strange things.  Have compassion for others, don't judge them it will have and effect on your frequency, think logically.  Hoarding is  aimed at yourself and selfishness.  Try to share and look after those that need help.  Don't forget there is always a reason why people act the way they do, you don't have to understand or agree but be compassionate.

Love:  Of couse it is easy to judge. Judge the goverment, other countries and everyone whole has done something wrong and put us all in this situation.  It is difficult in this situation to have loving thoughts. The biggest challenge is to send LOVE to people who you don't actually like, they also have fears and doubts.  See people for who they are.  Try and look at those people with compassion there is always a reason why they do things.  You don't have to justify them or judge them, let them be themselves and send them love.

Hygiene:  We are all advised to wash our hands and keep our distance.  Also consider your energetic hygiene, around you is your aura, a ring of energy.  This is you space and only your space. Keep safe by keeping your aura at arms length and 12 inches above your head and under your feet.  Make sure this ring is always full of energy.  When we are worried or stressed we tend to move our field to be more than 12 inches and this makes or energy ring thinner and tends to make us more open for things from outside.

It is important that in times of fear and stress that we stay in balance and keep our feet firmly on the ground and our aura close to us.


If your need help then you only have to ask, help eachother in this time of need and more importantly listen to your body it tells you everything you need to know.



If you are interessed in having a consult to check just how your immune system is going, maybe you need something to help you stay healthy or to help your relax and get rid of that stress?

All consults are via whatsapp video or skype (works perfectly) doesn't matter where you live.

You can also send me an email if you have any questions.


Stay safe and healthy and look after yourself and eachother.


                                          Jo Black