There are so many ways to get in touch with intuition and the voice inside yourself. One of the most fascinating and inspirational ways is to use the ‘Tree of Life’ system.

This system is a combination of a set of 66 cards for a reading, 66 natural remedies that strengthen the process and also 66 visualization exercises.  All of the options can be used together or apart and in combination with any other method I use in my practice.

This system is based on the knowledge from Kabbalah.

This system gives you the tools to make  closer contact with yourself and helps you find more direction and inner peace.

Sometimes in our life’s we find ourselves in all kinds of situations, we meet people and before we know it we find yourself to busy to take notice of our own bodies.  When this happens we find ourselves out of balance, whether that be in a mental form of physical form. At other time we meet people, hear something or see something and we realize that through that experience we are able to learn and grow as a person. Have you ever been think about a friend and that person rings or send a message!

These situations don’t just happen by accident it happens through synchronicity, an incredible  law of nature in the universe which makes us come into contact with spiritual teachings at the right moment exactly when we need it.  We are not always attend to these teaching especially when we are to busy in our daily lives in which case they will do a full circle and come around again when the time is right.

How does a card reading work?

There are various ways, one is to draw a card to answer a question you may have.  Where the answer comes from is not important the law of synchronicity makes sure that the right answer comes up at the right time in order to give you a better insight in your journey.

You can also ask for a card that you might need at that moment in time.

There is also the following readings possible:

3 cards Reading– Past – Present – Future

Diamond Reading– This reading can be used if you would like to have a concise explanation related to a particular situation or mood

Relational Reading – Used when you would like to get clarity of a situation, relationship with another person

Triangular Reading – Suited for when you would like to gain insight into what for obstacles are present and maybe holding you back from reaching your goals

Tree of Life – The most elaborate of all the readings.  This reading can be used for a particular situation or issue especially if you would like to look at it from all directions in order to move forward and discover a definite solution.

All of these readings can be supported my the 66 natural remedies and/or visualization exercises.

The Tree of Life system is also very effective to combine with the other methods I use in my practice in helping you achieve a more balance, free and healthy life.

If this triggers something inside of you take the time to listen to what your body is telling you.

Everything happens for a reason!